About Will-Call

Will-Call Rentals: Rentals seen on this site are available for will-call in small quantities. “DIY Will-Call” means the customer provides their own transportation and labor for the rentals via will-call pickup between 9am-11am on the date offered. Will-call is open by appointment only and fully closed on Saturdays, Sundays & Tuesdays. Will-call rentals are on a time clock; daily (24 hours), weekly (5-8 days), bi-weekly (9-14 days) and monthly (15-30 days).

Balloons: Balloon supplies, decorations and bouquets are available for will-call self pickup 9am-11am by appointment only. This site contains all of the options available for DIY will-call. Some balloons and supplies may differ from the images shown online depending on stock and what’s in season or fashion. *You will need proper transport of any items purchased, there is no transportation included.